Patrol Work

Our fleet
Sun City Security has a fleet of 14 vehicles on the road at any given time conducting patrol services throughout the Midwest and Gascoyne. Patrol operations are undertaken in Geraldton, Carnarvon, Mullewa, Canna, Morawa, Perenjori and Walkaway.

Remote Site Patrols

In what is most likely one the largest patrol runs in Australia we provide a 4WD based patrol service covering Geraldton to Mullewa and across to Morawa. The size and remote/off road nature of the patrol run means we have developed ground breaking in-car CCTV and GPS tracking systems to ensure the safety of our team. These systems have been transferred to our town based patrols.

General patrol types

Often when competing for work in the field of mobile patrols, clients may not be fully aware of the service that is being provided. This can create confusion when comparing prices between service providers.
This is because there are two types of patrols with two vastly different roles and prices.

Driveby inspections
These patrols would typically involve a patrol driver driving either past the site slowly and conducting a car based inspection, or at the most having the driver exit the vehicle to quickly check a gate or door, then returning to the car and continuing their run. There are a significant number of clients for whom we provide these services. The price of these patrols is very much indicative of the time spent on site.

Mobile Patrol Physical inspection and Lock up:
Often a full walk around is requested. The requirement is for the security guard to conduct a full walk around of the premises and conduct a physical check of each and every door. Clearly this takes a significant amount of time and as such the pricing can be higher.

We can utilise leading technology, whereby a special key reader can be utilised to read strategically located tokens around a site. The data from these readings can be downloaded at the end of a shift, providing our client with a detailed report of which guard attended at which time, and by virtue of placement around a school, prove the actual locations and times of that guard.

Alarm Response
Sun City Security has developed a detailed documentation system to provide alarm response reports, incident reports and clearly defined standing orders. Our procedures are almost identical to those being detailed in this document and are based upon meeting or exceeding the requirements of Australian Standard AS4421.1996.

Being an experienced alarm response company we are able to tailor our systems to the needs of our clients or provide advice as to how better manage the response system.

All keys are kept in secure lock boxes located within the patrol cars, and when not in use, keys are located in safes inside our ultra secure strong room in our secure office. We utilise a documented key holding system, which is electronically stored on our server as well as in hard copy in our key safe.